Tuesday, April 15

State of the tech market

The housing bubble has popped. Oil's at $111.89. Prices at the pump are bumping up against, or setting new, all-time highs. Contracting/consulting budgets seem slimmer. Yahoo's laid off a number of people. Bear Sterns has blown off a lot of employment offers, and the rest of the financial sector is tight, tight, tight -- MBA students everywhere are crying right now.

But hype and FUD aside, what's the REAL state of the economy for those of us in the tech sector? Consulting-wise, I know I'm still seeing new infrastructure work, and I'd like to think that trend is going to continue. I know a number of Albany and NYC area companies that are hiring.

What's the tech economy like in YOUR neck of the woods?


Unknown said...

The financial sector in NY city was hit the hardest and there are layoffs at every financial company. Still some jobs out there in NY city and in Philly too.

Anonymous said...

Not so sure about the Indianapolis market. I recently got my MCPD: EAD and I can't get out of my Unix Admin job into a .NET development job. I've been thinking of moving to a better market but am not sure where it is.

Andrew Badera said...

I certainly know some openings in the Albany market Dean. Let me know if you'd like to be hooked up with some local HR and recruiter types.

Unknown said...

Can you start a new thread or blog entry stating what your experience is like working in Albany, NY and what the job prospects are like for WCF work?

Andrew Badera said...


I'd be happy to detail my upstate NY/Albany-specific impressions. Look for it later this week.

As far as WCF-specific, I haven't seen it in any job listings yet, but "SOA" in general, and "web services" as well, get plenty of play.