Friday, August 31

Credit card number compromised

Used, among other things, to register, using my name and the following email address:

They used Yahoo! Small Business Services. Yahoo! quickly cancelled the charge and account, and are in the process of refunding the $50-ish charge.

This makes a total of nearly $250 in 4 fraudulent charges in the past 90 days. The card is now cancelled, investigation ongoing into the older charges. I'm not surprised it happened ... just surprised it didn't happen sooner. 90% of my shopping is done online.

Life-vomit has not yet made headlines

Or even Google for that matter. Not feeling the Web 2.0 love.

Thursday, August 30


to blog or microblog in a fashion completely uninteresting to those around you, or in your netwok, often in an overly-revealing, stream-of-consciousness fashion.

That d-bag life-vomits complete juvenile nonsense on Pownce.

Yep, my phrase. Born in Pownce. Been Twittered. Been blogged.

Urbandictionary'd it too.

OK, I think I've peed all over that hydrant. Time for freakin' bed!

Wednesday, August 22

scriptingnews mention

CRAZY busy month!

Almost missed getting mentioned in Dave Winer's Scripting News blog last week: