Monday, November 17

I did a podcast interview

"The Startup Success Podcast, Show #5: Our first Social Media President, Change Round-Up"

I did my first podcast interview, for Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley's The Startup Success Podcast. I'm afraid to listen. We discuss Change Round-Up.

Bob Walsh is a successful software small business (mISV? ISV?) founder/owner, author, writer, etc. Pat Foley is an ISV evangelist for Microsoft.

Sunday, November 16

Brian Peek @ TVUG: Animated Musical Holiday Lights

Brian Peek, Microsoft MVP, book author and writer at Coding4Fun, will be presenting a how-to on "Animated Musical Holiday Lights" this Tuesday, November 18th, at 6:30PM at Tech Valley .NET User Group (TVUG).
  • Abstract: This month, learn how to build an animated light show set to music, much like the famous holiday light show videos you may have seen on YouTube. This session will cover how to build the hardware, how to build the software, and how to combine them to create a synchronized musical show for your home.
  • When: Tuesday November 18th, 2008 - 6:30-9PM
  • Where: VersaTrans Solutions, Latham, NY


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Monday, November 3

FriendFeed is exposing user email addresses

I happened to take a closer look at a FriendFeed subscription notification today, and noted that the reply-to field is populated with user email addresses. FriendFeed is giving your email address away to anyone you subscribe to.

Conversation on FriendFeed.

UPDATE: Reported fixed by Paul Buchheit of FriendFeed as of approximately 5:40PM Eastern. Thanks for the quick fix, Paul & FF.