Wednesday, April 9

Dog parks

The world needs more off-leash dog parks.

Specifically, I wish my town (Latham) had a dog park. Or that there was at least one within 10-15 minutes driving distance, that didn't require residence in a specific town.

As an apartment dweller with a 77-pound dog, I yearn for the day when I have a house and a yard. But even then, dogs need more exercise, and certainly more socialization, than most homes' yards can provide.

The Post-Mortem of Glens Falls, NY, essentially where I grew up, is running its second article in recent memory on a Queensbury dog park initiative.

As usual, you've got your normal mix of cranks and generally cantankerous sorts commenting on the article. I do see some validity to the arguments of those who simply don't want to pay the costs -- and, low as they may be, there are certainly costs associated with owning an operating a dog park. Land, maintenance, insurance, cleanup and enforcement all come to mind.

I wonder if dog parks could be run on a co-op basis? I wish I had more time to look into something like this further. I'd happily contribute, say, $25/year in order to have a nearby dog park for my pupster to run around and socialize in.


rambn said...

I enjoyed the Tompkins Square dog park in Manhattan my dog. But now, even if my town had a dog park, I wouldn't go. I much prefer walking.

Michael O'Neill said...

Theres a huge (free) dog park about 1 mile away from my house (by bike trail, less by car) and every weekend there are about 400 owners of shit factories pumping their digestive juices all over their designated area, the path to the designated area, the parking lot to the path to the designated area and covering nearly every square inch of the bicycle path that I ride on.

I wish all you dog-park loving freaks would just learn to pick up after your shitmobiles.

Carry on.

Andrew Badera said...

@rambn I enjoy walking my dog -- and certainly need the exercise -- but walking alone isn't enough exercise for a bigger dog, and nothing tires them out like wrestling and running around with other bigger dogs. And there's the dog socialization factor. My dog crashes after every visit to my parents and their 97 pound black German Shepherd and healthy sized suburban+ yard. Sleeps like a baby.

@michael Dog owners should absolutely pick up their dog's crap, I 100% agree, dog park, sidewalk or otherwise. And they shouldn't be allowed to do their business in places people walk or ride.