Monday, March 31

I need a new Windows Mobile phone

My three?! year old Cingular 8125/HTC Wizard seems to be on its last legs -- hardware issues, no amount of re-ROMming makes it better.

I want another Windows Mobile phone I can hack away at and run my own .NET code on -- this is as much a learning and demonstration tool as anything else. Heck, I hardly ever use any minutes on my phone, but that's beside the point ...

The TyTn II is nice, but a little bit more than I'd like to spend right now. And I'm not sure I trust HTC hardware, especially with the TyTn's missing driver issue. The Samsung Blackjack II was recommended to me by Kris over at ... it seems like a solid candidate. $300 or so retail, WM6, GPS ...

Thoughts, other suggestions, welcome! Thanks in advance!

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