Tuesday, April 15

My new favorite coffee dealer

After a number of bad customer service experiences with the hippie-run Dean's Beans, I may quite possibly my new favorite coffee bean dealer. Errr, supplier. Errrr, place I order beans from:

Higher Ground Roasters - Organic Fair Trade Coffee- Great Coffee for Good Causes

100% organic, free trade, shade grown (a lot of people have recommended Peet's to me, but I have a very hard time purchasing beans that aren't o/ft/sg) and DARN tasty.

The one downside I'd have to mention -- their shipping process doesn't seem to be super quick. We'll see what happens the next time I order.

Speaking of coffee, time to make some!

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Unknown said...

You might also try Coffee Labs down in Tarrytown. I used to visit them very very often back when I lived there and they're committed to being as green a shop as possible. They're located on the web at http://web.mac.com/coffeelabsroasters/iWeb/Coffeelabsroasters/Coffee%20Labs%20.html (it's early) and ordering is done over the phone or email at the moment, but the coffee is great. :)