Thursday, April 10

Investment clubs

In the next 12 months, I hope to join a local (Albany-ish area, Hudson Valley too maybe) investment club or two. Maybe one in real estate, another in stock investing. I wonder what the area has to offer. I bet has something along those lines.


0 down on investment property said...


my company has a vehicle that will exceed your real estate dreams. $5000 out of pocket will buy a turnkey investment property. but our goal is simple, get you 10 pieces of property over a 24mo period.

Andrew Badera said...

@0 down: if your investment opportunity was worth anything, you wouldn't be spamming random blogs with your posts because you'd be too busy beating off investor suitors with a 10' golden pole.

0 down on investment property said...

Hi Andrew,

It is a great program, very transparent; so many people are still in the fix and flip mode,it is hard to change peoples Paradigm, and thats ok.
Buy and hold can be tough to swallow for some people. I would love to speak with you further. If not, Andrew, have a great weekend