Monday, March 3

Twitter's biggest douchebag?

Twitter / MarkMayhew

Twitter's biggest social media douchebag?

First the guy asstroturfs half a dozen Twitter accounts. Gets called out on that, and finally starts owning up to the accounts.

Now he's slapping around #hashtags like there's no tomorrow. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept:

From the site: "Used sparingly and respectfully, hashtags can provide useful context and cues for recall, as well as increased utility for the track feature. Used excessively can cause annoyance, confusion or frustration, and may lead people to stop following you. It's best to use hashtags explicitly when they're going to add value, rather than on every word in an update."

#MarkMayhewDouchebag is using them for no relevant reason -- just to give one of his astroturfed accounts something to talk about. Something to impress his clients with.


Michael O'Neill said...

You are without a doubt the King of Internet Jargon.

80% of my Internet Jargon comes from the Google/Wikipedia lookups I perform to complete reading your posts and e-mail!

Your DB seems reminiscent of a clown I ran across that has this blog that I call Richard Saunders Doesn't Know He's a Jackass. You have to read it from the oldest to newest posts to get the full effect.

Andrew Badera said...

live it eat it sleep it breathe it own it 24x7 baby and it just kind of soaks into you. I'm in front of a screen 12-16 hours a day.

yes, that means outside of multiple jobs and my Sushi Meetup, I have essentially no life. but for now, I'm willing to make that sacrifice. and since I have only pets, no kids, there's no one to be mad at me for it.

marshal said...

Posting on Twitter to create a Brand is like Urinating with your Fly Zipped Up ! Andrew this guy is probably drowning !