Tuesday, March 4

Too much awesome!

Today has been more kinds of awesome than I can count -- I ran out of fingers and toes!

Spoke with a development manager in South Africa this morning; his team is moving to NYC next month for what seems like a very interesting project. While I'm not looking to switch roles, or move to NYC, at this time, this is certainly the kind of opportunity I'd definitely consider, were I looking: gomobo.com

Had sushi for lunch, and the new release guy ordered with us for the first time. Also, a co-worker who avoids the raw fish and only orders veggie rolls was convinced to order a Boston roll today. She loved it. Slowly but surely, I WILL make a raw fish lover out of her!

Gave a presentation on EHAB at the day job this afternoon. I know I don't have buy-in from the whole team yet, but what was interesting, I think, is that some of the older guys immediately saw the value, whereas the younger/less experienced devs don't seem to be jumping right on it. I'm sure as I get more EHAB code in place, its value will shine through to them.

Looks like I've picked up some additional side work. Someone I've worked with in the past is engaging in a new WinForms project, needs assistance. Side work is always good! Especially when Poppa needs a new car ...

Then to seal the deal, it looks like we've got a venue for Tech Valley Code Camp! Confirmation and details tomorrow.

The only thing that could make today better would be a winning lotto ticket, or a super model waiting for me as I collapse into bed ... though at this point, I'm not sure I'd have the energy to enjoy that situation.

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Anonymous said...

Mmm...sushi...yum. Haven't had any sushi in a long time. Yes, I know. It's a tragedy I hope will end soon. :)