Tuesday, February 26

Old employer finally redesigns site

Things are apparently moving rather quickly in the newspaper industry these days; the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle has redesigned their site for the first time since (months before) I left at the end of 2005.

I spent three years there as "webmaster"/technical lead. In that time, we added entirely new sections (Features, event calendars) to the site, and did a 100% redesign, which went live in early 2005.

And here we are, three years later, and they're finally redesigning again. With no obvious major additions to the site in the meantime. Wow.

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Michael O'Neill said...

Does anyone subscribe to newspapers anymore? I enjoy watching them squirm and suffer in the Age of the InterWeb(tm).

The only thing more useless and undeserving of survival than newspapers are local and national television news outlets, dieing slowly in the Age of YouTube(tm).

Go Obama!