Thursday, February 7

Hydracoach or HydraCRAP?


I'm issuing an official Thumbs Down on this product.

Great idea, piss poor execution.

This item worked well for the first week I used it; then, for the first time, I let it completely air out and dry out, and it hasn't functioned properly since. I now have a $30+shipping water bottle with all the features of a $7 water bottle. Whattadeal!

It is now a struggle to get the water meter to actually recognize any, much less all, of the water I'm drinking. It works intermittently, with no obvious reasons why it does or doesn't work at any given time. I've tried turning it on and off, flipping modes, resetting it, sometimes these actions help, but for the most part, this $30 piece of junk just sits on my desk, starting at me with its baleful LED blocks, laughing at me as I consume vast quantities of water, with nothing registering on the Hydracoach.


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