Saturday, January 19

Priest to be investigated was MY priest

1980s sex allegation against Troy priest to be investigated

Reverend Gary Mercure, of Sacred Heart, and St. William, in Troy, NY, has been placed on paid leave while an accusation of sex abuse from the 1980s is investigated. This priest was my priest when I was an altar boy (yes, I was an alter boy, believe it or not).

Kind of makes you sick to your stomach - not assuming that he did it, but having to WONDER whether or not he did.


Michael O'Neill said...

Everything about Catholicism while growing up creeped me out, even as a grade-schooler. All the shame of the Church since then has been no surprise to me.

Andrew Badera said...

I constantly questioned the BS the Catholic church put in front of me as a kid. I never wanted to go to Sunday mass, it was a huge point of contention for years between myself and my parents.

I've wondered for quite some time when I'd hear something along these lines that hit close to home.