Saturday, January 19

Albany Times-Union violates my trust

For a few months now, I've been receiving subscription sales phone calls from the Albany Times Union. I've never been a subscriber, and they're calling me on my home number, a number issued by a private VoIP service, a number not listed anywhere, a number I've only given out to my doctor's office and, once, to the Times Union, when submitting a letter to the editor.

I can only assume the TU scrapes those phone numbers, and feeds them into their sales database. I am highly disappointed -- I feel outright violated. I did NOT opt to receive any further communication for marketing or advertising purposes.

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Michael O'Neill said...

Newspaper publishers have been and always will be whores. That's why I have glee during their demise.

The daily rag in my neck of the woods is delivered by troglodytes in child-molester vans. The troglodytes have a policy to "deliver" any extras they have to folks on their route without a subscription with an included advert on how to they just did you a square and how you can subscribe.

I say "deliver" because it is really disposal. My lawn (and my neighbors', because no one subscribes) will fill up with a mound of plastic-bagged daily rags. They get wet and nasty, actually turning into a sweating decomposing ooze, and require that I pick them up and toss them. Last time I checked, my trash collection service wasn't free.

I phoned on multiple occasions to have this process stopped without any success. Newspapers have a strict policy of only hiring morons that can't get anything done other than hassle people over the phone and lead the charge in an ecological holocaust.

My only solution was to use the company's "I'm on vacation, don't deliver for this period" customer service infrastructure. It allows a period of 51 weeks, which I have had to dance out about once a year for three years going. I'm hoping they go out of business.