Tuesday, November 20

Online backup services

OK, I finally have enough critical and/or valuable and/or hard-to-replace data on my home network that I need to consider offsite backup. I have the free 10GB service from Dell with my recent notebook purchase, I think I'll have to give that a look. I've also read good things about Carbonite.

At the moment, however, I'm most interested in S3 Backup, currently in free beta, which uses Amazon's S3 redundant, distributed storage backend. The rates for S3 itself are pretty reasonable; rates for S3 Backup when it goes commercial remain to be seen.

S3 Backup

Anyone have any experiences to share with online backup -- good, bad or life-changing?


mkhall said...

I've had very good experience with Mozy. It's free up to 2GB, and inexpensive past that, with both Windows and Mac clients available. Personally, I like that it runs unattended, and you can scale it for backup speed vs processing power.

I heard about it in a comparative review of on-line backup services on Information Week about 6-9 months ago, tried the free version for a month, and liked it enough to sign up two PCs for the service. It's saved me a couple of times from my own stupid user tricks.

mpmb said...

haven't personally used any online services. but i have a friend who has used mozy. he uses truecrypt to create an encrypted folder, then backs up that folder. probably a good idea NOT to rely on somebody else to encrypt your backup data. :-)

Anonymous said...

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