Wednesday, November 21

Got the Eee PC

And it's awesome.

Wait, you mean you want detail?

Tiny, but sturdy. Quiet. Solid. Screen looks great. Speakers are tinny, but impressively loud. Probably ok as a music device at the office ... if only all my music wasn't DRM'd.

Fast boot. Speedy response. Super easy wireless setup. Recognized my Logitech V220 mouse immediately -- no fuss, no muss. No touchpad issues while unplugged, at least not so far.

I'd originally ordered this for Mom, but then got a deal on a Dell with 15.4" monitor a day or two ago. However, Mom still wants to see the Eee PC -- I think I'd better watch out, or I'm going to end up with no Eee PC, and a Dell notebook I don't need.


Anonymous said...

Didn't even know about this. Looks like a cool device; thanks for sharing on Pownce!


Anonymous said...

I heard about issues with the keyboard size and the spacing of the keys on Tekzilla

Andrew Badera said...

Yeah, the keys aren't huge, the kb takes some getting used to, but so far, it's reasonable.

SpaceWalker said...

From where did you get this, sir? May I have a url? What's the battery life? Would you recommend this as a Multimedia Player kinda toy thing that allows me to surf as well? What's the disk space like?

Andrew Badera said...
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Andrew Badera said...

Edit of previous comment, realizing my links were in my previous post:

@Codedigestion: I purchased it from, the link is They were temporarily sold out of black, that may have changed.

If you're not looking to use it for primary viewing, but for a lightweight, mobile media device, then yeah, I think it would be great. The speakers are kind of tinny, but you could run the audio output to a set of external mobile media type speakers, or headphones, as well. The screen looks GREAT -- but keep in mind, it runs 800x480.

Also keep in mind, it only has 2GB/4GB/8GB onboard storage, out of the box. A lot of people (check the Eee User forums) are working to add additional internal storage; you could always put media on a USB drive too.

You could grab a USB DVD drive to play DVDs as well -- something I'm thinking about doing myself.