Friday, November 23

Eee PC update

VNC seems to suck.

Not from the client side -- that seems OK, screen size aside.

Trying to connect using krfb (available with the advanced mode KDE desktop) or x11vnc as the server is a complete DRAG! Local response is quick, as viewable on the screen of the Eee itself, but the client machine (in this case a Vista x64 dual core machine that connects to my Ubuntu desktop all the time, no problem) takes ridonkulously long periods of time to refresh any, much less all, parts of the screen.

That's a bit rough. Maybe I'm doing something wrong ... I'll have to investigate further. Also to keep in mind is the fact that the Eee is on an 802.11g connection ... the Vista machine 802.11n ... and the Ubuntu desktop on gigabit ...

Having got my Smartphone back online finally, I played with getting it paired with the Eee for Internet access. I have AT&T ... EDGE sucks. EDGE really, really sucks ... but it's better than nothing, in a tight spot.

Bluetooth on the Eee isn't exactly straightforward, but the second round of instructions, the set by ericmoritz, available in this thread on the Eee user forums makes the process itself pretty simple.

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