Thursday, June 4

I told myself I'd blog every day for a week

But I just can't do it! It's driving me insane!

I kid. This blog has done nothing to contribute significantly to my overall levels of insanity.

Apologies, but today's entry is going to be a bit weak. Not sure if I'll make it tomorrow yet or not.

I thought I had time. I thought I was essentially on a paid vacation. Turns out not to be so much the case. Met with the good people at Apprenda, the Tech Valley startup that creates SaasGrid, catching up with a client who's been blowing up (in a good way!, trying to get to a little bit of REST for a certain ISV, and some discovery/research/proposal work on two other projects, one heavily Twitter-centric, one a standalone custom web app for doing some business process management (BPM). But none of that is what is about to swallow my time for 3-4 days straight.

Not going to talk about it too much now -- if all goes well I will of course follow up with details, and at least a link, maybe a video feed, of the result :)