Thursday, October 30

Forthcoming changes

Whew, been a busy week. Shuffling around background check and similar paperwork for the new employer, getting a mentee up to speed to replace me at the old employer, business banking paperwork to deal with, trying to get prepped for a November 22nd Tech Valley Code Camp 2008.2, my first Albany Sushi Meetup in months last night ...

Did a Drupal demo last week -- first commercial Drupal work. So far, so good, but mastering the art of laying out complex, dynamic interfaces within Drupal is not yet one I have mastered.

My Eclipse is pretty much dead; bought one of these (same year & color) over the weekend:

2001 Blazer LT, 4DR, 4WD, auto (first auto I've ever owned!!). Needs some work, but with some decent tires on it, ought to make a decent winter beater/pet bus/daily driver for now.

Now, the point of this post was to touch on some changes I'm working on. I want to be able to aggregate my entries from all the blogs I write on or for, along with the associated commentstream (as much as Disqus & etc. will allow). This way I can keep a completely separate personal blog, professional blog, business blog and blog for Change Round-Up, but still have a landing page where all my various entries are displayed in a chronological stream. I already wrote a .NET 3.5 blog widget that allows me to customize which tagged or labeled or authored entries to display from a single blog -- now I'm going to expand that to operate across multiple blogs.