Thursday, May 8

RANT: Elevator etiquette

Whatever happened to a little elevator etiquette?

You're awaiting an elevator. NEWSFLASH: YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET. In fact, there stands a very good chance that OTHER PEOPLE are using the same elevator(s) you're waiting to use!

When the elevator doors open, GIVE PEOPLE A MOMENT TO EXIT THE ELEVATOR before you go barging in! Seriously -- are you in THAT much of a hurry? At least look before you leap!

But hey, all that said -- enjoy my iced coffee. I bet it tastes quite good, wrung from your blouse, into the ladies' room sink that gets cleaned maybe once a week.

And one more bit of elevator-ness: don't rush to push the button when the door is almost closed with someone else inside, forcing them to wait while the doors reopen, you board, etc. etc. - especially when there are two or more elevators. That other person, or people, was/were there first. Let the elevator depart, THERE WILL BE ANOTHER CAR. Or, better, if you're REALLY in a hurry, TAKE THE STAIRS!

/pet peeves ranting ... for now

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- Cindy - said...

I remember when I used to take the elevator multiple times a day in a place that had but one elevator.

I could rant myself silly.

I'm the person that gets on and quickly hits the 'close door' button over and over in hopes I can get it closed before I hear a disembodied voice say 'Hold that!' from down the hall.

I'm the person who, though is behind you, may need to get off at this floor. So, if excuse me isn't enough for you to let me by, I'm cool with brushing shoulders to get where I'm going. After all, that elevator was so small, we were practically intimate anyways.

It's still better than taking the stairs (minus the guilt about not aking the stairs).