Tuesday, May 3

Missed opportunity

On the drive home from work today, a car cutting the perpendicular light a bit close ends up stalling out just as they got through the intersection. I'm in one of two left turn lanes, and my first thought is, "Man, I'm two minutes from home, are you serious?" -- assuming that drivers in the other lane, the one blocked by the stalled car, would be cutting people off in my lane.

So, intent on driving through the mess and getting home, I was focused on not bumping cars from the other lane. However, there was no jostling -- the first person in that lane waited for our lane to pass, then carefully passed the stalled car and immediately pulled off into a parking lot entry, stopping near the road, not in a spot. I'm assuming they stopped to help the person push their car.

If I'd had my eyes open, I could have pulled over there too, and helped out. But no, my first, and almost only, thoughts were of myself. Secondarily it occurred to me, "Man, that has gotta SUCK to be that driver!" But my first thoughts, my predominant thoughts, were selfish ones only.

As soon as I noticed the driver pulling over to help, I regretted not doing so myself. If I'd been more concerned about the other person's situation, rather than getting my own butt the last two minutes home, I, too, probably could have pulled over.

I regret this missed opportunity.