Monday, March 7


Though I've long been certifiable, I'm finally certified! Took, and passed on the first try, Microsoft's 70-513 today, making me an MCTS in WCF/service applications in .NET 4.0.

My feelings on certs have varied over the years, but I've come to the conclusions that 1) it probably doesn't hurt to have them, and 2) if nothing else, they serve as motivation to polish certain areas of my skillset.

Though I've presented on WCF three times, I haven't used WCF anywhere near as heavily as I've wanted to the past 4-5 years; of course, the new opportunity with Redbox should change that for me :) Buried myself in studying, and a relevant project (queue-based, discoverable PubSub) that also has benefits for work (Apprenda) the past ~4 weeks or so, with a very happy outcome.