Saturday, February 27

Unpaid product endorsement: Sorel "Blizzard" Boots

In the midst of the wet, heavy snow followed by rain, freezing rain and sleet upstate New York has enjoyed this week, I've been appreciating the heck out of my winter boots. I have had these boots since I delivered papers and cleared driveways as a kid, some 16-17 winters now.

The boots in question are Sorel "Blizzard" Boots, rated to -35 or -40. I believe I got them at some sort of outlet or discount store in the Lake George "Million Dollar Half Mile," and they are one of the earliest and also most worthwhile, lasting clothing/gear purchases I ever made. I think I paid $45 or $55, maybe a little more. You can find an example here:

Sorel Blizzard Boots (sold out)

Sierra Trading Post - Sorel Blizzard Boots (sold out)

I'm not sure if mine were made in China or not, as it looks like the most recent generations were. I can't find the Blizzards on the Sorel website, so sadly, it's possible they don't even make them anymore.

These boots have been great for everything from newspaper delivery to dog walking to snowblowing to walking through downtown slop after parking six blocks from the office to being urinated on by cats. The original laces, after a cleaning, are still going strong. The waterproof bottoms are still 100% intact and keeping my feet dry. The nylon uppers are still in like-new condition as well. The liners are in great shape as well -- no real signs of wear on anything, 16 or 17 years later. These are a great utility muck boot for winter and early spring. I wish more products made these days had this kind of value and staying power.

Parting word: I hope Sorel still makes the Blizzard -- I don't see another men's winter boot in their lineup that fits the same niche at the same price point.