Sunday, March 29

Rock on, Dad! World's longest angioplasty balloon

My father, Mike Badera, founder, president/CEO of Precision Extrusion, Inc. (site could use a refresh, I know ;) has, with the partners in his joint venture in Ireland, created the world's longest angioplasty balloon, at 340mm.

World's longest angioplasty balloon at 340mm, by Mike Badera and Precision Extrusion, Inc.
It's my understanding that until now, there was no stable process to produce a quality thin-wall balloon, or multiples of balloons, at this size. It's also my understanding that there aren't a lot of in-body applications for a 340mm angioplasty balloon, but that there exist previously unmet needs in the 200-250mm range.

Awesome! Glad to hear all that work in Ireland is paying off Dad!

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