Wednesday, December 31

New Year's Resolutions meme

Got tagged by the New Years Professional Resolutions meme by Michael O'Neill (blog | Twitter | webcomic) ... not a big fan of memes. This one's not bad in content, but any meme then implies I need to burden someone else with it ... that's ok, I have a few of you suckers in mind ;)

1. Become more fluent in Python and Google App Engine (GAE).
2. Become subject matter expert on BigTable, SDS, SimpleDB.
3. Finally learn to ignore the overwhelmingly massive number of idiots, newbs and "please send me teh codez" eternal September SOBs that are flooding every corner of my professional experience.
4. Get decent with Silverlight & WPF.
5. Network more. Present at at least three events this year (up from last year's two). Organize at least two tech events this year (up from last year's one). Do more small business networking -- join the local Chamber of Commerce finally.

My chosen victims:
Griff Townshend Twitter | blog
Chris Miller Twitter | blog
Alex Silverstein Twitter | blog
Cindy Chiuchiolo Twitter | blog
Brian Peek Twitter | blog
Bill Pytlovany Twitter | blog

Any other TVUGers or Albany-area tech-centric blogging types want to get tagged? Drop me a line ...