Wednesday, December 26


I've published the Pownce API .NET client source code. It's available courtesy of Google Code at:


Very much a work in progress.


Michael O'Neill said...

I'm still looking at your source code for insights in this area. Thank you very much for that. However, I learned more about Pownce and Twitter and they are completely against my personal-way of communicating as a practicing misanthropic xenophobe. Also, as I learned more about Picassa - the fat client Google distributes does more than I need. So, I'm not looking to extend your project for my own personal gain. I do look forward to when we can work on something together though.

Andrew Badera said...

That's ok Michael, understandable. I think I have other priorities at the moment anyway, working with that stuff sent me off in new directions for Change Round-Up work :)

I too look forward to working with you someday.