Thursday, October 25

To the cleaning crew

Let’s play a game: can YOU spot the hidden cameras?

Please don’t take my sodas, my teas or my Vitamin Waters. These are paid for out of my own pocket. Davis Vision does not buy these items. BBL does not buy these items. My boss does not buy these items. I buy these items, and I would appreciate you respecting them, and me.

Furthermore, I’d also like to ask that you not take my empty cans, stacked so neatly in boxes, for me to return to the store. I don’t care about the $1.20 in cans you took, but I DO care about the fact that you’ve violated my personal space and trust. Space we entrust you in every time you come to clean. Trust I’m forced to give you by virtue of this office space arrangement.

So please be aware: this area is now under surveillance by several networked cameras. These cameras feed back to a machine that posts the images online regularly. I have absolutely no problem providing images of any future thefts to your employers.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I hope it’s not one we’ll have to visit again.

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