Saturday, July 14

bamboo Dog Toys

I am constantly hunting for toys that my dog can't destroy in mere minutes or hours. I recently discovered bamboo dog toys which go by the assurance, "Battle Tested."

I had high hopes for the Combat Extreme Toss 'n' Pull:

When it arrived, my first assessment was good -- the tennis ball might be flakey, but the toy itself is heavy duty nylon, the kind of stuff you find in sporting and hiking goods. My dog proved too much for the toy, however.

A ~2 year old Lab/Shepherd mix who loves to chew, he has jaws of steel -- in under ten minutes, the tennis ball was shredded. In under an hour, he had managed to puncture the nylon, poly fill flying everywhere. The seam near the rope started to burst not long after. Since that day, I have to say though, no new punctures have been added, nor has the original puncture been extended as much as I would have thought. Poly fill continues to appear round my home however.

Still hunting the everlasting doggie gobstopper, I turned again to bamboo, and their Combat Big Kahuna:

My dog has a history of destroying the squeaker in any squeaky toy. The Big Kahuna is no exception -- I think the squeakiness went away within the first 24 hours. More happily, however, my dog has not managed to puncture this toy -- no poly fill mess to clean up.

The dog loves both toys, so I suppose they were worth the money, but I'd rather keep my dog happy without a mess ... and if anyone can point me in the direction of heavy duty squeak toys that actually LAST, please do! I've been through a number of types and brands, with mixed results at best.

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Anonymous said...

I have no recommendations for "squeak toys", I do however have recommendations for things your dog can chew on.

My dog is a 2.5 year old black lab/blue heeler, and she can destroy just about anything in under ten minutes. My recommendations are rawhide retriever rolls (can be purchased fairly inexpensively at Sam's Club), standard tennis balls (real ones, not the cutesy pet tennis balls) and the black KONG. Not the red one that they sell at PETCO, the King Kong Ultra that is used by K9 police programs, specially designed for "voracious chewers".

Good luck.